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Bobby Lopez, past touring professional and swing guru states, I Dont Consider So.

Bobby Lopez goes on to clarify, I cant show you how dissatisfied I'm while in the powers to be with the Masters Golfing Championship. Theyve ruined my preferred golfing Match. Im really certain that Bobby Jones is turning in his grave!


He sights the Masters decision to lengthen their golf training course to The purpose that ninety% of the sector doesnt Possess a prayer in competing to the opening big championship with the 2006 season. Anyone anxious feels that Masters officials absolutely should have problem for their championship getting received by a score like 22 beneath par. Compared to the US Open, known for its challenging disorders, creating even par a winner rating once again, the Masters at Augusta National with its vast rolling fairways and light rough turned out-of-date in todays very long ball hitting surroundings.

Lopez, promises, The exact same lengthy hitting lineup is hitting it long in the US Open up far too but its not simply the length thats creating the higher scores. Its the super quick greens and limited fairways with considerable rough that makes it very hard for virtually any player to get to the green in rules as soon as in deep roughs grasp.

Within the Players Championship, we viewed the ideal PGA touring industry experts while in the organization agonize over a par 3 of only 123 yards. You have to concern what manufactured the Masters committee come to a decision that only a 240-garden par 3 could tame todays very long hitting bullies?

Bobby Lopez claims, Tighten up the golf system I say, dont lengthen it. Add a vicious scary rough that would make even the longest hitters attain for their 1 iron or a three Wooden not to possibility hitting their push within the rough and lose a stroke, (Or perhaps even your ball) to the deep club swallowing hazard.

This adjustment Not only would've the scores go 메이저놀이터 up but simultaneously you would probably convey far more players into contention As well as in Bobbys estimation carry out the most beneficial ball strikers not only the extended knockers.

You'll be able to visualize it like NASCAR. Doesnt this Activity do a similar detail? Take a look at how thriving NASCAR is! They Management the pace with the vehicles in order that a lot more opponents are bunched up on the finish to create a additional remarkable race.

Perhaps the powers to get for the Masters, with all their glory, significant cash flow ability brokers, associates of your powerful business enterprise clicks, dont have just as much feeling as a bunch of rednecks that has a beer in their hand viewing a Chevy go all-around in the circle. Could or not it's true? The quantities dont lie NASCAR has the largest audience while in the sports enterprise and golf is dropping attractiveness and participation.